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About Us

With over 30 years operation, HG started activity in Alexandria on 1976 with primary food sector, in the fishing industry,
providing fresh seafood through merchant ships.
In 1978 the family decided to invest and enter in the Real estate venture with the purchase of stock lot lands in Egypt. in the following years, HG decided to mantain the Real Estate as main business. Alexandria of Egypt has been the main region where have kept the focus on.

Currently the Family owns properties over Egypt in Alexandria, Kom Ombo, Marsa Matruah and abroad, under expansion as regular business sector.
With over 13 properties in leasing, HG is now looking to expand into the kindergartens sector with establishment of the first of a chain family concept kindergartens in Egypt forecasted for 2017. The family is also committed in no-profit social services by schoolteaching to orphans.
In Kom Ombo a complete facility and management is provided to substain the necessity of teaching to those who can not.


STUDY THE GOAL, get feedbacks

Very important phase. This will be the foundation to all the work setting. Each single detail makes the difference

PROMPT RESPONSE, anticipate the actions

Effective actions are consequence to reactions to project made at right time. Get advantage and be always a step ahead.

AIM TO SUCCESS, be ready to close

Always to be prepared to close the contract. Even a single day does make you save money.

FOCUS ON THE SUBJECT, keep pursuit and face the challenges

Will always find obstacles on the way. It is up to us to manage them. Remember, you can not stop the waves but you can surf them.

FIND SOLUTIONS, open to co-operations

Be open to constructive co-operations. Better partners than competitors.

ACHIEVEMENT, be ready for more opportunities,

Good project brings good customer. More customers brings you more opportunities.


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